Oracle Core Technology Consulting Services

HIPL specializes in Oracle BI delivery across the full project lifecycle. We combine the world’s best technical resources with our team of experienced Business Analysts and Project Managers. From locations in the US, Middle East, APAC and India our experience has been gained from BI implementations across all vertical sectors around the world.

In the highly competitive business environments, it becomes extremely important to make the right decisions quickly. To be able to do that, you need the right data in the right format at the right time. At HIPL, we understand what it takes to make the data available. We have extended OBIA to cover various functions within a company i.e – Sales, Finance, Inventory, Purchasing and Sales Force tracking. With this solution, you will have data ‘on demand’ and do not have to depend on reports that are collated manually. All of this is presented in an intuitive, simple online interface that requires minimal training. A few examples of how our solution can help include the following:

  • Accurate, timely and consolidated sales information across channels
  • Product-wise, market-wise, campaign-wise performance in tune with marketing inputs
  • Information to help you forecast sales and inventory
  • Real-time collection information from C & F’s (specific to Pharmaceuticals)

HIPL offers services in implementing out-of-box BI packages such as Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA). Our consultants are experienced in understanding your ERP or other source systems as well as your BI requirements. We bring the ERP expertise to the table.On the BI side, we have experience with BI products including OBIEE. We offer an end-to-end solution with our expertise in ERP and BI implementations.

OBIA to cover various functions within a company
What is It?

OBIEE Stands for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. Its an application for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help enterprise users make better business decisions and includes decision support systems, activities of OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), analytics, data mining, data warehouse, reporting. OBIEE is also a tool used for querying the analysis, reporting using the data, developing reports and dashboards for decision support system.

Key Benefits:
  • Reduced risk by having experts bringing all necessary capabilities to your OBIEE
  • Reduced cost by using Consultants who design and develop OBIEE first time right – and guide others to do the same; and
  • Reduced cost and risk by using experts backed by the combined knowledge of a consultancy
High Performance Infrastructure Services

Internet and Global Enterprise technologies have empowered worldwide collaboration and information sharing by increasing the reach of applications throughout organizations and communities. Users are worldwide and they require uninterrupted access to applications and data. When you have a performance issue or a database problem that is impacting your users, it is even more important to have experience on your side. This is where HIPL’s enormous experience has succeeded in problem-solving and bringing our clients through a tough database issue. HIPL Oracle Specialty Consulting comprises of senior Oracle consultants to make sure your Oracle systems are managed & maintained by highly experienced Oracle Consultants and help you avoid potential pitfalls that lie ahead.

HIPL services include:
Stabilization of database environments

Maximum Availability Architectures (MAA) comprises appropriate redundancy, protection from outages, robust security and achieves designed performance parameters. Organizations can readily manage these architectures and scale them to meet their new requirements. HIPL builds IT Infrastructures that achieve MAA standards and objectives by using Oracle MAA components and Industry best practices.

Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)

HIPL has matchless know-how in designing and implementing RAC. Our methodology towards RAC goes afar the database and includes proven architecture design for the Operating System, servers, network interconnects and the storage layer. Our best practices implementation of Oracle Grid Control for proactive monitoring paired with Oracle Data Guard for Disaster Recovery allows you to further reduce the risk of data loss and database downtime.

Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate provides real-time, log-based change data capture and delivery between heterogeneous systems. This technology, enables cost-effective and low-impact real-time data integration and continuous availability solutions. HIPL has immense experience in GoldenGate architecture design, tuning, implementation, and management. As an Oracle Gold Partner, HIPL offers proficient Architects and Developers to assist with everything from defining areas of opportunity to leverage GoldenGate, to solving complex business and technology problems. We’re your one stop source for design, installation, and management of a custom GoldenGate environment.

Oracle Configuration and Performance review

HIPL’s database analysis provides a wealth of information regarding the performance and health of your Oracle database and application platform. We detect critical issues and recommend configuration, standardization and tuning strategies that enhance performance, upsurge productivity, and lower your investment in hardware and software. HIPL’s performance optimization services contemplate all layers of technology that contribute to an optimal database platform. Depending on your prerequisites, we consider some or all of the following:

Oracle Best practices and standards

Performance metrics and configuration parameters such as hit ratio, SGA size, database extents, memory usage and data caching.Advanced configurations for data caching, load balancing, extended scalability and extreme performance.Capacity planning based on correlation between business objectives, business expectations and financial expenditure planning. Application integration considerations for optimal manageability and performance.

Systems Migration and Upgrade

Depending on your individual business requirements, we have the experience and expertise necessary to migrate your existing database(s) to all Oracle platforms including Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g.Functioning together, HIPL and your IT staff can ensure a successful migration. While your staff have expertise in your legacy systems’ database, code, and business rules, HIPL has the expertise in the target platform, which is significant for success.A database migration is beyond a simple mapping of data. It entails an understanding of field-level characteristics, indexing, parameter-settings and design. Migration of an application can take on numerous different forms; from porting to a new database, to a re-write in a different development tool. As experts in Oracle technology (database, tools and middle-tier), HIPL guarantees synchronization of every detail.

Oracle Identity Management Suite

Oracle Identity Management allows enterprises to manage end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across all enterprise resources both within and beyond the firewall. Applications can be deployed faster, while applying the finest grained protection to enterprise resources, automatically eliminating latent access privileges, and much more.

 Identity and Access management system

Implementing Identity and Access management system will benefit your organization in following ways:

Improved Business Agility

With the delivery of standards and services based architecture, Oracle Identity Management seamlessly supports organizations data centres whether in-house, distributed, or in cloud environments. Improve business performance by automating authentication, authorization, and single sign-on processes, providing better visibility, transforming management of applications, and standardizing business processes.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Drastically improve operational efficiency. Furthermore, increased automation (authentication and authorization) and effectiveness also contributes to increasing operational efficiency.

Risk Reduction

Oriented Security architecture allows applications to consume a unified, secure, and easy-to-deploy set of identity management functions without having to build these into the applications.

Cost Reduction

Proven, comprehensive and well integrated identity management solutions are built on a common platform to close security gaps, accelerate compliance enforcement, and significantly reduce the time, efforts, and costs of deployment and maintenance. Capabilities like Single sign-on and automation of authentication and authorization mechanisms is what reduces costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Complying with regulations is an aspect your organization can’t disregard. Strict authentication and authorization policies ensure compliance with regulations. Single sign-on capabilities enable you to comply with the relevant regulations.

The HIPL Distinction:

HIPL has extensive experience and expertise for implementing Oracle Identity Management. HIPL’s compliance practice can help your enterprise to roll out an identity and access management solution architected to ensure that access to sensitive systems and data can be controlled and audited.We have deployed a host of Identity Management solutions ranging from small internal user directories to large federated identity implementations. Additionally, HIPL provides best practices based implementations of:

  • Oracle Data Guard
  • Oracle RMAN for Backup and Recovery
  • Oracle Streams for Replication

HIPL Team has been involved in implementing content managed web solutions, portals and web applications as a solution provider supporting our Public Sector, Banking, Healthcare, K12 and commercial customers.

As an early adopter, HIPL has in-depth knowledge of implementation and provide support services for Oracle Fusion middleware components like Identity Management suite, SOA/BPEL, WebCenter Portal and content and technologies including:

  • Identity Management (eSSO, AD/OID integration, OAM)
  • Content Management (UCM)
  • Integration with enterprise identity management and access control (OID, OAM)
  • Component Development (ADF, JAVA)
  • System Integration (SOA, BPM)
  • Mobile Portals & Apps
  • Social Media integration (Spaces, Connect)

HIPL has in past and is currently working on few enterprise wide WebCenter projects where our team is providing services in below capacity:

  • Project planning & management
  • Infrastructure architecture design and implementation
  • Workflow implementation
  • User Interface/Portal design
  • Security Analysis
  • Integration with SOA, OAM, EBS, Peoplesoft, SharePoint, custom applications
  • Installation & Upgrades

HIPL has assembled a highly knowledgeable team of resources in US and India with extensive experience in WebCenter project implementation and project management. We can develop the best strategy for your Oracle Middleware, WebCenter deployment and ensure that you get the highest value for your investment.

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Started out as a partnership enterprise in 1992, HIPL as it stands today was officially incorporated in 1996. Over the years, we have helped clients transform their businesses. True assurance of achievement comes from working as a trusted partner like HIPL, to provide the vision, support and expertise that will drive your business forward. HIPL has a Global customer base – nationwide within India and globally in US, Caribbean, EMEA and APAC countries.

Our Solution focused approach, ensures that we are listening to customers pain areas and provide solutions using IT tools and technologies.

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