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25+ years of delivering efficient enterprise IT solutions


Global Business Services for Enterprise IT solutions

25+ years of delivering innovative and efficient enterprise IT solutions to create future ready businesses, and we are proud of our digital footprints all over the world.

From a humble beginning in 1996, today HIPL is a big team of certified and experienced professionals, which can handle complex business bottlenecks and provide expert enterprise IT solutions. From sophisticated cloud solutions to high-performance custom product development, business transformation, and ERP implementations. HIPL is enabling enterprises to adopt digital transformation, accelerate business upscale, and gear-up for the future.

Our global business services strive to provide the best corporate IT solutions to any business system requirements, while placing great emphasis and focus on client business pain areas and goals, to develop corporate IT solutions that best fits their needs. We offer resilient and effective enterprise application integrations, data management services and business transformation consulting to make your enterprise future ready.

Timeliness, customer satisfaction and integrity have kept Heuristics Informatics in business for a quarter of a century, and will keep us progressing, growing, and succeeding.

Legacy of Intellect and Commitment

Leadership is about setting a direction, It is about creating a vision, empowering, and inspiring people to want to achieve the vision, and enabling them to do so with energy and speed through an effective strategy to deliver global business services. Meet the Mentors and Bosses who are the inspiration and visionaries of HIPL.

Alka Goel

Jt. Managing Director

People management is her forte. Alka is the Promoter-Director of HIPL and serves as the Director (Planning & HR). With an astute knack of organizational effectiveness and analytical skills, she is a master planner. Organisational and strategic planning, innovation visioning, talent assessment, change management and team building are some of her favourite business areas. She is the heart of the organisation, connecting people, technologies, and ideas, to spearhead HIPL as the front runners of the industry.


Jt. Managing Director

He has a proven track record of success in the IT sector. Murali is the Promoter- Director of HIPL and operates as the Director (Technical Operations and Marketing). Being the brain behind innovations and technological advancements in the organization, he has led Heuristics to continuous growth and stability. He firmly believes that timeliness, innovation, and customer service are the differentiators for HIPL in a crowded marketplace. Murali collaborates with global corporates, helping them adopt a digital for their future.


Advisory Director

An able and knowledgeable administrator who has guided HIPL right from the inception. Sqn. Ldr. K.K. Gupta has more than 40 years of experience in administration and finance, gained through his tenure in the Indian Air Force. He oversees financial operations, legal matters, and investor relations of the company. His wise counsel and foresight have helped the organization gain new insights to solve business problems. The organization looks upto him for his knowledge, wisdom and experience to problem solve, explore options and strategic direction.
Timebound deliverables to ensure client satisfaction and success

Our Vision

Crafting Customer Satisfaction!

Synergizing technologies to untangle complex business problems and build lasting customer relationship. We aspire to create technology-based solutions with timebound deliverables to ensure client satisfaction and success.

Our Values

Keep The Growth Curve Moving

Innovation and Excellence keep the growth curve moving. What we created yesterday, will not be sufficient tomorrow. Keep pushing the limits and think beyond.

Excellence in enterprise IT solution through team bonding
Global business services and lasting customer relationship

Our Mission

Expanding Capabilities To Scale Boundaries

Harnessing emerging technologies to create a symphony of global business services and lasting customer relationship. We deliver innovative enterprise IT solutions to boost your business outcomes and accelerate your digital journey.

Industry Verticals

With the extensive expertise in enterprise IT solutions and global business services, HIPL helps design, orchestrate and amalgamate technologies that drive business success, across industry verticals.

 25 years of delivering Enterprise IT Solutions

We are ecstatic!

With more than 25 years of designing and developing software, enterprise IT solutions and global business services, we take pride in our achievements. We respect those we work with and exceed the expectations of those we work for.