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A product is born because similar solutions do not exist in the market, or due to huge gaps in the available products. Products also come into being due to customer requirements. HIPL understands the custom pain areas and focusses on innovating simple solutions to complex business requirements.
Product developemnt services and mobile app development

We convert ideas into products

If you have a product idea but do not possess the product development infrastructure, HIPL can help you bring your product to the market. Our expert software product development services will help you to design products and bring them to market in the shortest time. Products can be mobile apps, web apps, SaaS applications, custom projects software, applications, bolt-on tools for ERP applications, plug-ins, IIoT, process automation products or any other requirement that can ease operations and work.

HIPL specializes in product development services including custom mobile app development services, custom application development services, and SaaS application development services and IoT Product development Services for various verticals. We also develop bolt-on tools for ERP applications, which are modules that work side-by-side with the core ERP system and provide supplementary functionality.

Product Development Services and custom mobile app development

Product development services –
From concept to market

If you are struggling with a product idea or your efforts are not delivering, HIPL can help you with innovative ideas and solutions to develop your product and bring it to the market. Product development is the process of converting an idea into a workable software product. It is about grabbing the market opportunity that revolves around customer needs, checking the idea’s feasibility, and delivering working solutions.

A robust product development process not only improves the quality of the product but also the overall development process. Following a series of systemic steps is critical to developing a high-quality product that overcomes challenges and meets requirements.

Idea generation involves brainstorming for new product ideas or ways to improve an existing product. During product discovery, companies examine market trends, conduct research, and dig deep into users’ wants and needs to identify a problem and propose innovative solutions.
A significant part of the software product development process is product design. During the design stage, the organized software architecture fulfilling specified project criteria and requirements is produced, which is where the real conceptualization of the software system takes place.
This phase plays an important role in overall application development. The overall application design gives each screen through which the user interacts with the application. This includes look and feel, branding, logos, best fit into multiple screen size of devices and others.
This is a process involving multiple steps and results in the visual direction and blueprint that govern the entire application. With agile, the development team can keep adding new features as you go, and testing happens parallelly to support the concept of continuous development.
During Quality Test, the QC team verifies the application for the business process, the integrity of data, integration, and User experience. The feedback from QC team helps stakeholders to decide whether the application works as desired in the real environment.
Once the issues identified during Quality Testing are fixed, the application is ready for deployment. As a recommended practice, a new application is released to a set of users (Beta) who test the new application for a specific time and later it is ready for release to a larger audience.
Once the new application is available for use, it may require some support for the initial period. The end user may experience challenges to user application, technical issues, and performance issues. The Support team undertakes all issues and fixes them accordingly.
Custom application development for ERP

Bolt On Tools from HIPL

HIPL provides custom application development services including bolt-on product development for ERP, featuring customer relationship management, product lifecycle management, resource planning, supply chain optimization and more. Bolt-ons are described as “feature afterthoughts.” The benefit of bolt-on products lies in the fact that they can provide extra customization beyond the core ERP suite. 

Creating Business Value through Innovative Product Development services

Custom application development services

HIPL Product Development Case Studies

HIPL cloud services can dynamically scale to meet the needs of its users. We deliver the infrastructure and software, besides the cloud consultancy services, essential to move to the cloud. Enterprises availing our cloud solutions and services do not need to provision their own resources or allocate IT personnel to manage the cloud migration services.

Our cloud used cases shall tell you how effective HIPL cloud consulting services have been in the real world.

Why HIPL Product Development Services?

What differentiates our product development services from others is our robust product development lifecycle. Built using quality engineering, approaches used to modernize apps, and adherence to agile principles throughout the product development life cycle, our products are adding value to businesses around the globe. A robust product development process not only improves the quality of the product but also the overall development process. Following a series of systemic steps is critical to developing a high-quality product that overcomes challenges and meets requirements.
IoT Product development Services

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