Engineered Systems

Oracle’s Engineered systems are optimized to accomplish increased productivity and supreme high enterprise performance levels in the industry.

These include Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Exalogic Elastic Cloud, SuperCluster, Exalytics In-Memory Machine and Big Data Appliance are designed, engineered and verified to decrease the cost and complexity of IT infrastructures while increasing performance and productivity. The components of Oracle Engineered Systems are pre-integrated for targeted functionality and enhanced to accomplish enterprise performance levels.

We at HIPL combine our focus with the power of Oracle Engineered Systems in expanding the operational productivity of our clients business.

In this article we will address the prime reason and brief understanding about the Oracle Engineered Systems, Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics, Big Data Appliance and SuperCluster.

About Exadata

Exadata is a database appliance designed by Oracle that has the competency to provide support to a combination of database systems such as OLTP (On-line Transaction Processing) and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), the transactional and analytical database systems respectively. Exadata offers its users an enhanced functionality relating to enterprise class databases and their associated workloads.

Why Exadata?

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine is the World’s most secure database machine. It is engineered to be the top performing and best available platform for running the Oracle Database. This simple and fast to implement machine protects and powers your most important database and is the perfect foundation for a consolidated database cloud.

When to use Exadata?

Oracle Exadata is best for customers who consider data warehousing and consolidation of database. Enterprises targeting faster growth and striving to become more responsive to market fluctuations and client requirements, must implement pioneering technologies like Oracle Exadata.

HIPL Methodology for Exa adoption
Architecture Assessment and Roadmap for EXA Adoption:
  • Assessment of your database architecture
  • Assessment of your EXA adoption TCO and ROI
  • Assessment of your migration path to EXA
  • Assessment of potential areas of pitfalls and database design considerations to ensure we maximize for full potential of Oracle EXA
  • Assessment of Oracle license implications and optimization of existing license inventory
  • Assessment of existing BI setup
  • Identification of performance bottlenecks
  • Identifying use cases for Exalytics
Deployment Planning:
  • Project management and risk assessment
  • Review of your application architecture & Review of your data architecture
  • Review of application workload profile
  • High availability and data loss requirements confirmation with SLA
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Oracle EXA configuration
  • Partitioning configuration
  • HCC compression enablement
  • Smart Scan testing and optimization
  • Smart Flash Cache testing and optimization
  • Overall EXA Performance testing
  • EXA security review and lockdown
  • Oracle backup and recovery configuration for EXA
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Monitoring configuration for EXA
  • Oracle Data Guard DR replication configuration for EXA
  • Expert Services
  • Analyse current reporting for aggregates
  • Create effective aggregates
About Exalogic

Oracle Exalogic is an integral system designed, optimized and certified for running Oracle applications and widely varied workloads. Exalogic is proposed for performance-sensitive, large-scale and mission-critical application organisations.

Why Exalogic?

Exalogic is for customers who look for improving performance for Java software, or custom-built apps developed with Oracle Weblogic Server and FMW (Fusion Middle Ware). The engineered systems are pre-integrated to increase productivity and performance.Standardize your business and accomplish extreme performance by merging Exalogic and Exadata.

About Exalytics

Exalytics is the appliance precisely made for Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management. Amongst all the other engineered systems from Oracle, this box has been designed flawlessly to handle all the Oracle BI tools.

When to use Exalytics?

Oracle Exalytics is designed to boost performance of business which require “Speed of thought” Business Intelligence queries by processing huge amounts of data in memory which means the response time is profoundly faster with no network latency. Exalytics is highly recommended for financial and operational planning of business.

Are you looking out for optimal business intelligence and planning applications? Not to worry, combine Oracle Exalytics with Exadata.

Today’s cutting-edge challenge for enterprises is to harness the rapidly increasing volume of data every day. Consider the Oracle Big Data Appliance, it’s integrated, optimized and tuned to reduce risk and is flexible enough to grow with the requirements of your business.

When to use Big Data Appliance?

The Big Data Appliance is an engineered system built for customers who have extreme volumes of data with unstructured data types (for example, customer intelligence in retail, mobile services, content provider, web companies, scientific research, fraud detection). Combine Exadata, Exalytics and Big Data Appliance to complete the Big Data Platform.