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High productivity cloud platforms have enabled scalable enterprise application development. HIPL’s deep-rooted expertise in enterprise application development, team of industry experts and our passion for excellence, work with you to build a sustainable future.

Your search for agile, simple, secure and anytime available enterprise software solutions ends with our SaaS solutions. HIPL’s SaaS based products enhance enterprise application development and facilitate deeper business insights. Our enterprise solutions enable you to drive efficiency, streamline operations and better engage your employees.

Our cloud-based enterprise solutions are easy to use and facilitate location independence. SaaS based products come with a licensed subscription which enable easily access over the Internet. We provide enterprise SaaS solutions, with highly sophisticated security features, IT support, and excellent user experience during your journey with our enterprise software solutions.


Corporate Travel and Expense Management Solution

TESS360 is SaaS based integrated travel and expense management solution, that simplifies and automates the corporate travel and expense processes. TESS360 guides employees through every trip, populates charges into expense reports, and automates invoice approvals and reimbursements. By integrating real-time data and using AI to audit the transactions, organisations can see exactly what are the spends without worrying about blind spots in the budget.

Let TESS360 manage your travel, while you travel for work!


HRMS Solution for Automation of HR Process!

HRSS360 is a SaaS solution to bring together people, technology, and processes as a single, well working ensemble. It is an agile enterprise application development solution that integrates several human resource management systems and processes to ensure smooth administration, efficient processing, and easy accessibility to people-centric real time data.

If you are looking for location independent HR functioning & workforce management, then HRSS360 is your perfect solution. Have a look at its features:


Comprehensive Master Data Management Solution

dataM is a SaaS based product that consolidates data across complex, heterogeneous system landscapes. This platform is another marvel from our enterprise application development initiatives. dataM enables you to manage all aspects of master record, including hierarchy, structure, validation, versioning, and enrichment with attributes, descriptions, translations, documentation, and other related data. The product is fully integrated yet modular for any data, associated with Oracle fusion Apps, and Oracle EBS Master data elements.

dataM provides organizations a platform to have a governance framework to ensure that individuals manage master data in a structured way. Some of the noted features include:


Asset Management Tool to Automate Preventive Maintenance And Standardize Procedures

Digitize and plan your everyday maintenance tasks Make informed business decisions with the eAM360 to keep track of all your assets-hardware and software-throughout their entire life cycle. eAM360 seamlessly integrates with other enterprise solutions, including incident, problem, and change management, to help you track all tickets associated with your assets.

It can capture work order offline and sync with Oracle eAM per schedule or when online.


Real-time Inventory Operations for Seamless
Business Management

INVSYS360 is a SaaS-based Inventory Management System, developed to streamline inventory operations, optimize resources, and automate processes. This cloud-based solution automates your Inventory Management System, providing a strategic tool to empower your business in the fiercely competitive market. With features ranging from real-time tracking to demand planning and seamless integrations, INVSYS360 acts as the catalyst for efficiency, accuracy, and growth within your inventory management processes.

It can capture work order offline and sync with Oracle eAM per schedule or when online.

Inventory Management System - INVSYS360