Identity and Access Management Services

Identity and Access Management services (IAM) enable organizations to define, develop, implement, and automate information access controls and privileges. HIPL’s impeccable IAM services ensure that only authorized individuals access the right data, at the approved time and for the right reasons.

Identity and Access Management Services (IAM)

Identity and Access Management

Our Identity and Access Management services help you protect your people and data, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce costs, and provide a simplified and enhanced experience for users. Our IAM services are a range of technical solutions, policies and processes that can be applied to manage user identities and regulate user access.

We deliver expert IAM solutions that are noted for ease of deployment, authentication, and access management, single sign-on and support, along with user perceptions of value. Oracle Identity and Access Management services can be easily managed, co-managed in the cloud, or fully managed via SaaS

Components of IAM Solutions

Implementing an IAM solution requires planning and strategic focus. The HIPL data security services involve audit of existing and legacy systems, deciding which systems to integrate, mapping out all user types and access scenarios; scalability and security of solutions, ease of automation, and need for implementations to meet compliance obligations.

IAM solutions can be deployed on premises, provided by a third-party vendor through a cloud-based subscription model or deployed in a hybrid model.

Cloud Identity and Access Management solutions offer to resolve access risk management challenges while protecting the organization’s critical IT systems, data, and applications from unauthorized access.

At HIPL, we offer dynamic IAM solutions with the following features:

IAM Solutions implementation

Our IAM solutions encompass the following components:

HIPL IAM Services Portfolio

With HIPL’s Identity and Access Management services, organisations can reduce their identity management costs and, more importantly, become significantly more agile in supporting new business initiatives.

HIPL IAM Solutions for data security

Control and Manage access to your data assets

With our Identity and Access Management (IAM) services portfolio, HIPL aims to increase your business agility while mitigating the risks of setting up and maintaining an identity management environment. HIPL’s experienced IAM solutions team serves businesses in varied industry verticals, and has extended capabilities in the following areas:

IAM Services to manage data assets

IAM platform provides a 360-degree view of the user entitlement. The robust reports contain all historical data about requested access and lockouts of the user. Administrators can simply add-on queries and plug into the system to get rich insights and reports. Oracle Identity and Access Management enables Authentication, Single Sign-On and Federated Identity solutions to simplify the log-in process, benefiting both enterprises and users.

Strategic Consulting IAM Services

Why HIPL IAM Services?

As a cornerstone of a zero-trust architecture, HIPL IAM solutions are implemented using zero-trust principles such as least privilege access and identity-based security policies. HIPL IAM services ensure the following:
Identity and access management services

Our specific IAM service offerings include:

Check frauds and enhance security with Cloud Identity and Access Management Solutions

Cloud Identity and Access Management services eliminate the need to own and maintain on-premises infrastructure. It controls the permissions and access for users and cloud resources. Cloud Identity and Access Management policies can be attached to either users or cloud resources to authorize what they access and what they can do with it. Here’s how it helps organisations gear up their security:
IAM Services to gear up the organizations security
IAM Services

Take Advantage of the HIPL
IAM Services

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The   IAM Service   Platforms that HIPL offers :

Oracle Identity and access management

Oracle Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Oracle Identity Cloud Services

Oracle IDCS ( Oracle Identity Cloud Service)