Enterprise Mobility Solution

At HIPL, we know what it takes to build responsive solutions for the mobile, in an increasingly competitive world. We provide enterprise mobility solutions that are interesting and keep the users engaged. Our mobility team works on a wide array of mobile applications and ensures that all the critical aspects of mobile app development are covered. We have enabled enterprise integrations and empowered the internal teams with customer-relevant information and services.

With HIPL’s enterprise mobility solutions, you can solve complex market challenges:

  • Increase enterprise integration by creating value-added mobile apps that can regularly engage customers
  • Cost efficient mobile applications adaptable to multiple platforms
  • Reduce service time with secure and seamless mobile integration
  • Facilitate better connectivity between employees and increase overall productivity
  • Pocket revenues faster by directly marketing to the end user.

Our range of enterprise mobility solutions and enterprise integration services, support the product development cycle for you to get to the market quickly and with a superior-quality product.

  • iOS/Android based App Development
  • Mobile App Integration to 3rd Party APIs
  • Apple Pay Integration
  • Mobile App Geofencing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • iOS/Android based App Development
  • Messaging Applications (SMS, MMS)
    • SMS Scraping and reporting in Dashboard
    • Message Scheduling
    • Moving SMS to a particular folder and automatic filtering of the SMS to a folder when a text arrives
  • Imaging
    • Merging
    • Conversion between various formats
    • Setting wall-papers, etc.
  • Camera based Apps
  • Video and Audio Streaming
  • Multimedia and Fun based Apps

We provide user-friendly solutions that make strategic use of the existing business frameworks. With our enterprise mobility solutions, your data is used tactically, securely, and efficiently to take you ahead of your competitors.

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Started out as a partnership enterprise in 1992, HIPL as it stands today was officially incorporated in 1996. Over the years, we have helped clients transform their businesses. True assurance of achievement comes from working as a trusted partner like HIPL, to provide the vision, support and expertise that will drive your business forward. HIPL has a Global customer base – nationwide within India and globally in US, Caribbean, EMEA and APAC countries.

Our Solution focused approach, ensures that we are listening to customers pain areas and provide solutions using IT tools and technologies.

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