Identity Management & Security

Identity ManagementSecure your information assets with Oracle IDM solutions

Managing and securing information is crucial to your organizational success. With the exponential
growth of disruptive technologies, secure entitlements management is more important than ever to
prevent huge financial losses to your organization. SamaraTech provides best-in-class Oracle Identity
and Access Management services to tackle these challenges, with expertise to secure your sensitive
data and applications, regardless of whether they are hosted on premise or on the cloud.

Control and Manage access to your data assets

With our Oracle Identity and Access Management (IDM) services portfolio, SamaraTech aims to increase
your business agility while mitigating the risks of setting up and maintaining an identity management
environment. Our solutions are fully compliant with regulatory (SOX, HIPPA, PII, etc.) and privacy laws.
SamaraTech’s experienced Oracle IDM consultant teams understand working with businesses in all
industry verticals, and has extended capabilities in the following areas:

  • Strategic Consulting
  • IDM Solution Architecture/design
  • Application Integration, Testing and Deployment
  • Developing Connectors
  • Social, Mobile and IoT platform integrations with IDM
  • Identity as a service
  • Upgrades and Migration
  • Increase compliance adherence using AI bots
  • Support and Maintenance
Strategic Consulting and Architecture Services

Our Architecture and consulting services are designed to develop, maintain, and evolve the enterprise security architecture framework and deliver enterprise security architecture services and solutions that address current and emerging security and compliance needs of the business

Our IDM Architects serve as contributors to the Enterprise Architecture team to ensure security and
compliance considerations are represented in future state architecture decisions and to provide
architectural deliverables that may be leveraged across Enterprise Architecture domains

Our Architects provide technical oversight of technical security service solutions that will be used
throughout the enterprise to help the business comply with security and compliance control objectives
and standards. Contribute to the risk management strategy through analysis and understanding of shifts and trends in
the business, regulatory/legal/industry compliance space, technology landscape, risk management
practices, and threats and attack patterns.

Ensure that user entitlements are applied correctly to achieve fine-tuned control over access to
enterprise applications and data. Our Authentication, Single Sign-On and Federated Identity solutions
simplify the log-in process, benefitting both enterprises and users. Our specific IDM service offerings

Deployment Flexibility and Scalability

Security controls can be customized with in-line monitoring and blocking on some databases and monitoring only on other databases. The Database Firewall can be deployed in-line, out-of-band, or in proxy mode to work with the available network configurations. For monitoring remote servers, the Audit Vault Agent on the database server can forward the network traffic to the Database Firewall. Delivered as a soft appliance, a single Audit Vault Server can consolidate audit logs and firewall events from thousands of databases.

Both Audit Vault Server and the Database Firewall can be configured in a High Availability mode for fault tolerance.

  • Management of the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities
  • Provisioning
  • Entitlements in OIM
  • Directory Services
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) and Authentication
  • Web Services Security
  • Integration of Systems with Identity Connectors
  • Delivered as a secure, preconfigured software appliance for convenience and reliability
  • Supports high availability deployment options