Industrial IoT

HIPL is making the manufacturing smarter by providing IIoT solutions. HIPL aims at empowering customers by providing them with all the information about their energy consumption. The sensor and smart devices help customers to track their manufacturing processes, energy consumption and facilitate in saving it by keeping a check. HIPL uses IIoT technology that provides digital intelligence.

Potential Results of Smart Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing has the following results

  • Increased operating efficiency. The ability to detect what is occurring at every stage of manufacturing help plant managers to improvise real-time solutions and reduce machine downtime.
  • Negligible machine downtime. Artificial intelligence algorithms can utilize operation and failure logs to transform the real-time IoT sensor date into projected maintenance insights. This warns the human workers to be aware of potential harms.
  • Improved worker safety. Automated tracking and the observation of people activities inside a small factory help in alleviating risks. The intelligence safety systems warn the people about possible injury risks.
  • Optimized inventorying. The real-time sensor data help to track the place of parts and products in the manufacturing process. The analytics assess the details and provide information about orders.
  • Supply chain management. With the help of IoT geolocation, manufacturers can easily track shipments, parts, and products. This aids in deciding the schedule of parts orders and the recycling of spare parts. It lowers the cost of materials for manufacturers.
Smart Factories

Smart factories are industrializing plants that include many of the smart manufacturing technologies with unique processes and management. They are manufactured in order to detect the environmental changes and point out the potential harms.

For example, the predictive maintenance machines that automatically do repairs and replacements according to the predicted failure rates. For that purpose, smart factories collaborate with IoT sensors to facilitate automation. If you are looking for one of the leading providers, Energy Bots is the right choice for you. They provide the necessary information through digital sensors.

Industry 4.0

The term Industry 4.0 comes from the German government’s strategy for computerizing manufacturing. The end goal of this strategy is manufacturing the world’s first smart factory. The 4.0 denotes to the fact that is the fourth industrial revolution. The first one was mechanization, second assembly lines, and the third being digital computing.

The supporters of Industry 4.0 believe that the cyber-physical systems that combine IoT devices, cloud computing and other technologies will bring innovation in the modern technology.

The Future of Industrial IoT

The IIoT is one of the major trends that affect industrial businesses in the present and in the future. Industries are competing to modernize systems and equipment. This would help them in meeting new regulations and to cope up with the market speed and changes. Most important it will help in dealing with disruptive technologies. Businesses that have adopted IIoT have shown quite improvements in safety, efficiency, and profitability.

Industrial scale manufacturing has no specific hours. This is the reason that Industrial and Manufacturing and Equipment industry has to supply machines and equipment that function 24 hours a day to manufacture products and equipments supporting the business. Machines need to be properly maintained in order to reach the level of productivity, efficiency and performance. Energy Bots offers the services that you require to check inventory, real time repairs and reliable services.

Energy Bots is all that you could ask for your manufacturing company. It provides the connectivity through IIoT. This IIoT solution unites the people from the plant floor to the project level. This enables the businesses to benefit maximum from their system with no limitations of technology. This is a huge platform to bring the power of technology into your enterprise.