ORACLE NEWS Heuristics Informatics Pvt. Ltd wins FY 15 Oracle Engineered System partner of the Year Award

Oracle PeopleSoft

Improve campus efficiency and promote quality in education. Transform your institution to reap the benefits of your PeopleSoft investments. The long-term relationship between a student and his university is now being defined as the “student life-cycle”. This student life-cycle is the core focus of Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions. It helps manage the entire student life-cycle from being a prospect to alumni, through a well-defined stream of processes.

Advantages of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions:

The Complete Solution for Higher Education: With a portfolio of Solutions and services, you can help faculty, students, and staff deliver standout experiences that promote excellence campus wide.

  • Enrolment and Degree Planning
    Creates a flexible, dynamic solution that supports planning and managing student’s progress through degree programs, with improved security and flexibility to offer more enrollment options.
  • Student Financing
    Helps manage student finances which includes two modules within Oracle Student Administration: PeopleSoft Financial Aid and PeopleSoft Student Financials. Together, these modules form the most comprehensive student financials and financial aid management system available for higher education.
  • Learning Management Integration
    Efficiently integrate and manage teaching and learning systems with your student administration system.
  • Mobile Campus
    Allows students to take action and manage key processes on their mobile device using a native, secure application.
  • Oracle Campus Analytics
    Provides universities and colleges the information they require to accomplish goals for success.
  • Alumni Management and Fundraising
    Helps colleges and universities develop personal, life-long relationships with their alumni and other supporters.


HIPL is an Oracle gold partner focused on providing Oracle Centric Solutions to its customers using Oracle tools and technology. Our PeopleSoft Campus Solution practices have been helping education institutes to meet the above needs. Also we help our clients in managing the key components of the student lifecycle with features and business processes that are easily configurable through our comprehensive student administration and alumni development systems.

Partnering with HIPL helps you achieve enhanced results through the effective use of PeopleSoft Solutions. We aim to make consulting time-effective and cost-efficient.